Virtual Reality – The Past, Present and Future

“Today's virtual reality technologies build upon ideas that date back to the 1800s, almost to the very beginning of practical photography. In 1838, the first stereoscope was invented, using twin mirrors to project a single image. That eventually developed into the View-Master, patented in 1939 and still produced today”. (The Franklin Institute). The Past Going back even [...]

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5 Reasons you should consider using CGI for Interior Design

There have been lots of advancement in 3D modelling and rendering over the last few years and getting an interior 3D visualisation created is now significantly cheaper. This has opened up the doors for interior designers to adopt and adapt to this new advancement in technology. 3D visualisations can be a highly persuasive way to depict the [...]

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Can Architecture solve societies problems?

There are many architects who believe physical design can positively impact social life and solve some of society’s problems. A basic example would be when a sign or landmark in the middle of a city makes people find orientation easier. However, most social scientists believe it is more of a social dynamic that plays a [...]

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