3rd generation designers using the latest photorealistic CGI techniques

Rodney and Joshua Fear, Managing Directors of D Cube Design Ltd in Shepshed, Leicester. Sitting in Wheelbarrows.The hypothetical scale ruler has been passed down three generations. It’s now in the possession of the latest design firm in the family, where (sadly) scale rulers are no longer needed as the business creates photorealistic computer generated images (CGI).

Rodney and Joshua of D Cube Design Ltd in Shepshed, Leicester are the youngest members of the Fear family to take up their roles in the design industry.

Their Father, Dave carved out his career as an Architectural Technician for 19 years, where the scale ruler was a permanent fixture on his desk. Dave’s work included numerous projects in Europe and he still enjoys designing today. Dave’s father, Jim, is also an Architect.

Rodney, previously a Project Manager who took customer’s interior concepts from ideas to reality, has expanded his remit with his own business, as the projects span more than just interiors. The breadth of design briefs received is vast, with the majority of work undertaken for the automotive and manufacturing design sectors.

Like their father and grandfather, they also carry out a lot of architectural projects – albeit via a very different method and with a very different end product. Here’s such an example of some marketing images for modular homes – creating the images when the homes are yet to be built.

A modular home image make with CGI by D Cube Design  marketing images for modular homes

Running a digital business also means that the brothers can service clients across the globe. They have already created photorealistic CGI designs for customers in America, Sweden and Australia.

Rodney explains that:

“Growing up in a family that appreciates architectural design certainly had an impact on why Josh and I decided to join forces and start our own business. We’ve watched our Father and Grandfather create designs of houses from scratch for years, so it felt the next natural step for us to do that, with a modern day twist.”

Joshua is doing what he loves best, creating photorealistic CGI images and detailed animations from scratch. He carries out the designs himself and also now manages Callum Gill a design graduate who joined the team in January 2018.

D Cube Design is poised for growth, with five team members already. Annelise Fear is Executive Assistant and Mark Robbins is in charge of new business.

It’s true to say that the scale ruler may be surplus to requirements for Rodney and Joshua Fear, but they have their own set of rules on how their design business runs, and they have huge ambitions.

If you’d like to find out more about how photorealistic CGI can help your business, please call the team today on 01509 27 61 61 or email them on enquiries@dcubedesign.co.uk


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