How Architectural Designs benefit from Photorealistic CGI renderings

Photorealistic CGI is no longer the sole domain of the movies and video games…many industries have started to adopt it as an extremely powerful way to solve problems and communicate a vision. Indeed, Photorealistic CGI has almost replaced 2D visuals in marketing, medicine, manufacturing, as well as interior and exterior design. Some of today’s most successful architects outsource their visualisations to a specialist rendering company to achieve the best possible results.

Here are 5 reasons architects should consider outsourcing a high quality 3D visualisation:

#1. 3D Rendering creates a better sense of ‘Look and Feel’

There are many factors that make it difficult for architects to communicate their vision. Words alone certainly do not convey the subtler aspects of design like the play of light on a particular surface or material.  So opting for a more visual method of communication for what is essentially a highly visual process makes perfect sense. Following that line of logic, surely the higher quality the visual representation, the better? A top spec photorealistic 3D rendering will bring to life your vision with maximum impact.

#2. CGI creates a powerful emotional response

It’s the goal of all art to elicit an emotional response from the viewer and this should be no different for an architect’s visuals. An everyday suburban house should create feelings of safety, stability, comfort and warmth whereas a more regale building like a theatre or museum might want to create more drama and feelings of awe and wonder. Because a 3D render is creating your vision before it is actually brought into reality, it will be as close to your initial ideas as possible.  As a result, leaving little to the imagination and making it easier to convey your ideas. Because people will not need to work hard to imagine what it will look like, they are free to immediately access their emotions in response to what they see.

#3. 3D Renders Are Perfect Portfolio Fillers

Not too long ago architects had to wait for buildings to be constructed before taking photos for the portfolios, and time is money. Now, the situation is different. Architects can order CGI visuals from 3D rendering studios even during the early project stages, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Before the adoption of CGI visuals, you would have to wait for your project to be completed before you could take photo’s for your portfolio. Now, even if a project isn’t approved, you still have the pictures. A productive architect can get a thick folder of gorgeous designs and creative ideas in just a few years, if not less, steadily increasing profit.

#4. Realistic Rendering helps you to tell a story

If you want a viewer to feel like they are looking at the real thing and imagining what it would be like to exist in that space, storytelling is essential. To tell a story you need certain aspects to all come together at once. Realistic lighting creates mood and atmosphere, colour and texture evokes emotions and feelings, furniture hints at the kind of people who might occupy the space. A great addition is actually showing these people in the depicted locations.

#5. CGI Presentations will make it easier to attract investors

Obviously a good reputation is always helpful, but more often than not the presentation is the key to convincing businesses to work with an architect. A photo-real depiction of a location or a scene, will give you a huge advantage at a presentation. You might want to go even one step further and add realistic 3D animation – a walkthrough or a fly-through is the way to go. This kind of presentation is guaranteed to make an impact and attract contractors.

Realistic CGI rendering helps attract investors, boost portfolios and perfectly convey even your most complex ideas. Why not get in touch to ask about our professional photorealistic rendering services

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