Launching a new product? Here’s why you should consider photo-realistic Computer Generated Images & Animations before you book a Photographer!

Whatever line of business you’re in, there will be a need to photograph products for your website, brochures, social media and pull up banners… the list of marketing materials is endless. Previously, the only option was to hire a photographer. Now, there’s photorealistic CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) which gives you so many more benefits:

Showcase technical products with elements which come apart:

If you need to demonstrate how something works, or create an animation of how the individual components fit together (something that couldn’t be photographed very easily) then a photorealistic CGI animation will tick that box for you. Check out this video we made of a clutch with exploded view animation:

Reduce costs:

A professional photographer could easily charge £100 an hour, that’s £800 a day and, depending on the amount of products you need images of and the type of shot (product cut out shot, teaser/lifestyle shot, a lay flat arrangement etc) the shoot could run into days. A Stylist on the shoot bumps up that cost too.

No need to hire or buy extras for large sets:

Let’s take a sofa photo-shoot for example, set in a living room. There needs to be all the other elements you’d find in a living room, TV, sideboard, photos, fireplace, rug etc. On a shoot, these need to be hired, or transported from somewhere, whereas with photo-realistic CGI, it’s easy to choose what you want and they’re added into the shot with a few clicks.

Quicker turnaround:

If you’re in a hurry, the turnaround time on photorealistic CGI images is far quicker than booking a photographer, doing the shoot and editing the images. Also, when the image arrives with you, it can be in any format you choose, for example, it could be a layered PSD, with perfect transparency and you don’t need to spend the time masking / cutting out the image.

CGI enables images such as this, which is a modular home design from the outside, before it has been builtShowcase a product which has not been fabricated yet:

If your product is still in production, and you need brochures for an upcoming event and want to start to sell them, photorealistic CGI is the perfect way to get your products out there for potential customers to visualise it for themselves.

To give you a live example, D Cube Design were asked to create the concept images for an architect’s project to build 30 new homes.

In an industry where houses are sold off a 2D plan, it’s important to have photo-realistic visuals of what the homes will look like once built.

Multiple colour combinations in one click:

If your product is available in multiple colours, you’d probably take a photo of each colour way on the shoot, or adapt the photo once it has been taken. With photorealistic CGI, that’s all done on screen at the point of design, saving yet more time.

Compare your design options on location:

If you’re launching a new product to market and contemplating different packaging designs, you may be wondering how they’d stand out on a supermarket shelf next to your rival brands. Let us do this for you and you can compare your packaging designs on location – thus saving unnecessary brand changes (and huge expenses) down the line.


If you regularly hire photographers to take product shots and would like to discuss photorealistic computer generated images for your business further, please contact us via email for a quote or call 01509 27 61 61.

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