Product images – Automated machine image.

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Image created for a manufacturer of automated machines based in the UK.  Our client was looking to show an image of their most recent machine prior to it being launched and ready for traditional photography.  This is where D Cube Design could assist by creating photo-realistic computer generated images.

Product CGI – Water tank images

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Product images created for a UK manufacturer of specialist water tanks.   Our client wanted to create images of their water tanks in their own colours.  This would be costly and difficult to do with traditional photography but, with photo-realistic CGI's created by D Cube, it was possible to do very easily.

Product CGI – Flextraction Filter – Exploded View

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The task was to create photo-realistic images of Flextractions downflow booth.  Part of the requirement was to demonstrate the make-up of the Flextraction filters which is where D Cube could assist by creating an exploded view of the filter.