RESEARCH: 7 Challenges which Architects face

We’re regularly talking to Architects and we’re aware of the time and budget constraints placed upon them. So we weren’t surprised when we found this report by a business called Archvis in New Zealand.

But what did raise our eyebrows was the demand for high end photorealistic CGI renders and how important they are to win over a new client.

a survey carried out to ask Architects what challenges they face

As you can see, third in the list of the top challenges which architects face is the demand for high-end photorealistic CGI content.

It’s also very interesting to note that 3D rendering projects are classed by the majority of Architects surveyed as ‘very important’ or ‘critical’ in order to win over a client and obtain a new project.

So we carried out some of our own research, and sure enough, 73.3% of businesses surveyed (including Architects) explained that they could easily use CGI in their business.

But when pressed for more information, 85% of firms do not have CGI images made for them.

This is where D Cube Design can help to relieve some of the pressure.

An example of the work D Cube DEsign carried out for Northstar Systembuilt. A house made in CGI render software.

By outsourcing 3D renders and artists impressions to our team, Architects are able to set a budget for projects, know that the work will be completed for the deadline, and the images received will always be high quality.

Here’s a page with some of our recent Architectural renders. (Choose ‘Architectural’ in the menu to narrow down the search.)

This is a concept example on the right of a modular home project we completed for American firm Northstar Systembuilt.


We’ve already thought up 7 questions you need to ask a CGI studio before you brief a project.

If you want to delve deeper into the sort of business we are, here’s our corporate and social responsibility manifesto to browse through, so you can understand more about the positive impact we want to achieve on top of the quality renders that we make every day for our Architecture clients.

Please get in touch with our Leicester-based office on 01509 27 61 61 or email us on to ask for more information. We’d love to help.

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