Solidworks 2018 launch at Leicester City Football Ground.

A pull up banner with all the details about the launch of Solidworks 2018

On Friday 10th November, Joshua and Rodney Fear attended the launch event of ‘Solidworks 2018’ which was hosted by Innova Systems.

The event was held at Leicester City Football Stadium, a few miles down the road from D Cube Design’s offices, based in Shepshed.

Being closely involved with Innova systems and attending such events, means that D Cube Design is assured to have the most up to date software for all clients.

Photo of the pitch at Leicester City Football ground

Josh explains: “The presentation of the new features in the software was very clear. I was especially interested in the inclusion of VR into Solidworks Visualize as this is a growing market. I look forward to that launch event next year!”

The event also allowed for some networking with other Leicestershire based professionals in the industry and very interesting connections have been made.

Rodney adds: “Today’s event has been inspiring. There have been some great changes in the Solidworks software to enable increased efficiency and time saving, which is a benefit we can pass on to our customers. Added to this, spending a morning at the famous King Power Stadium was a personal highlight!”

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