The Benefits of using CGI for your New Product Launch

When most people think of CGI they think of Hollywood blockbusters but don’t realise how much it is now being used across TV, Video Display, the Internet and in Print by marketing teams who have become savvy to its extensive benefits.

It’s fair to say that there is a growing demand for CGI of industrial design products, furniture’s and home appliances. Its application is more and more common in the production of catalogues, web content and other visual marketing media.

More than 50% of Ikea’s catalogue is already 3D generated. The Automotive industry’s use of CGI for its marketing is almost 100%. Computer graphics don’t always replace photography but the two disciplines can work together to create a better product.

However, with CGI there is arguably more scope to try different things without incurring huge costs in the process. You have room for more trial and error and quicker experimentation. There are an almost endless number of other benefits:

CGI can look better than photography.

We run a regular competition on our Linkedin and Twitter pages asking our followers to identify whether an image is CGI or ‘Real’. We consistently find that people struggle to tell the difference and will often opt for ‘Real’ when the image is in fact CG. There is sometimes a ‘hyper-real’ quality to CGI images that can really capture the imagination. Whilst Hyper real CGI maybe making life harder for photographers, it is thrilling marketers.

You can ‘sell the idea’ before having the real thing

With CGI you are able to see the final product before you even start to produce it. You can try multiple versions of the design and spot any potential issues at an early stage. When designing a product, you go through several iterations before finding the perfect balance. You might want to change the proportions, colours, layout or finishes. Today you can see it on the screen, rotate it and analyse its volumes, create 20 digital variations and then put in production only the best ones. Doing things in the old fashioned physical way means that you have to build prototype before you can address the problems. Making any changes then has a greater cost involved and you might be forced to make compromises on the end product.

No Limits to creativity

With CGI you are not restricted by the laws of the physical world so the only restrictions come from your own imagination. Want to fly around your product 360 degrees as you see each of its parts self-assemble? No problem. Want to zoom into the tiniest amount of detail then back out again? Easy. When you choose CGI, you can use the 3D model for animations, mobile apps, videos, product tours on your website, and even virtual reality (VR). All these options allow customers to test drive your product via an immersive, life-like experience.

CGI is great for marketing and advertising campaigns, but you can use it for far more than that. In fact, CGI is a valuable tool all along the product development lifecycle – from conception, to design, prototyping, manufacturing, and beyond. With CGI, you see your product “come to life” long before it’s built.

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